"When I look at you I see a divine masterpiece, carefully sculpted, and all the unique details have become the marks of your personal artistry."

—Kristen watts

Divine Art Photography and Soul Activation Adventures are designed to liberate the spirit; telling the story of who you are at your essence. Spanning the entire life cycle from birth to death, shamanic photographer and healer, Kristen Watts, transforms intimate scenes into timeless visual art. No moment is too sacred to honor through her lens—spiritual awakenings, first breaths, final breaths, empowered business rebrands, celebrations, struggles, and every emotion or experience in between.

You may have fears intact: fear of the unknown, fear of being seen or exposed, fear of meeting new parts of you. If so, working with Kristen is precisely for you! As a gifted intuitive, Kristen’s presence will guide you in releasing these worries and channeling your personal artistry into powerful images.

Is it possible to capture soul expansion? Absolutely. Your before and after images will prove it. We all know that feeling when we’ve attended a powerful meditation or retreat, only to come back to “reality” and lose complete connection to the experience. It goes from all-encompassing and transformative to a vague and distant memory. It’s time for something completely new. Something that creates a permanent mark in the fabric of your journey, so that growth and transformation are never forgotten.

Let photographer and healer, Kristen Watts, take you on the journey of a lifetime with a shamanic photography experience. You’ll be gently guided into your deepest realms to meet aspects of yourself you’ve never truly known. As you connect to your truth, you’ll surrender all that is not you and release the old conditioning that holds you back. Discover the hidden parts of you that long to come forward and revitalize every facet of your life. All this while Kristen eternalizes the moments into digital form, only to reveal the magnificence of your gorgeous soul—your Divinity. You’ll get the rare opportunity to see yourself in the transcendent light that shines in that moment alone. 

In this exclusive alchemy of shamanic journey + photography, your sacred photos will serve as an anchor for future moments—to summon again and again the power of your transformation. You will have a clear pathway to reconnect to your ability to ascend the old self, and the pains of the past, at any time you wish. 

There is no greater gift you can give to yourself than an honest introduction to the real you, healing your splendid heart, and shedding the outdated versions of yourself. Having professional photography that holds images of you in that transformation is just the icing on the rebirthday cake.